Intermediate Bearded (IB)

Blooming after Standard Dwarf Bearded, and before Tall Bearded, Intermediate Bearded Iris bloom peaks for us early mid May. Growing to a maximum height of 27.5 inches. These irises are great for the city garden
or for a tighter spot than a tall bearded can fit. Zone 3-9.

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All $5.00 each.

b-ib-alberta-clipper Alberta Clipper Black ’07 Standard and fall ruffled sky blue, beard blue dusted gold.
Carriwitched Innerst ’93 Standard and fall white ground heavily banded purple, beard tipped bronze.
Cee Jay Lankow ’92 Standard and fall white ground banded deep blue-violet, beard violet.
Country Dance E. Jones ’97 Standard and fall old rose pink flushed with lilac tones, beard tangerine tipped lilac.
b-ib-dark-waters Dark Waters Sold Out Aitken ’92 Standard and fall dark deep violet, beard light violet.
Dazzling Black ’08 Standard blue white, fall dark violet with a blue cast, icy blue white rim; beard saffron.
Delirium Smith ’01 Standard smokey gold, fall dark red-violet with gold edge, beard red.
Dude Keppel ’02 Standard brown, fall gold, heavily overlaid tan, beard mustard.
Finsterwald Innerst ’94 Standard and fall medium yellow with large brown spot on fall, beard orange.
Fortune Hunter Sold Out Black ’04 Standard and fall peach gold, beard orange.
Frolicsome Black ’99 Standard yellow gold, fall yellow ground with brown band, beard gold.
Garnet Slippers Keppel ’05 Standard burgundy, fall red black, beard red.
In A Flash Black ’01 Standard and fall dark red purple, beard orange.
Lemon Pop Lauer ’90 Standard and fall Lemon yellow, beard white tipped yellow.
Man’s Best Friend Black ’08 Standard sky blue, fall red brown with blue rim, beard saffron.
Maui Moonlight Aitken ’87 Standard and fall soft lemon yellow.
Morning Show Ensminger ’88 Standard and fall dark ruby red, beard red.
Prince Of Burgundy Niswonger ’93 Standard dark burgundy, fall white edged in burgundy.
  Protocol Sold Out Keppel ’96 Standard white, fall bright yellow, beard white ends yellow in throat.
Redondo Keppel ’00 Standard and fall light yellow, red brown band, beard lavender tipped brown.
Ruby Slippers Keppel ’02 Standard burgundy red, fall red black, beard Orange red.
Santa’s Helper Sold Out Lankow ’97 Standard and fall white, beard orange-red.
Wrangler Stahly ’97 Standard dark amethyst violet, fall violet with red-brown rim, beard brown.