Intermediate Bearded (IB)

Blooming after Standard Dwarf Bearded, and before Tall Bearded, Intermediate Bearded Iris bloom peaks for us early mid May. Growing to a maximum height of 27.5 inches. These irises are great for the city garden or for a tighter spot than a tall bearded can not fit. Zone 3-9.

Glossary  of Terms
S-Standard: The top half of the flower
F-Fall: The bottom half of the flower
B-Beard: The fuzzy appendage on the fall
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Black ’07
Sold Out
S-F; Sky blue
B; Blue dusted gold
Between Jobs Miller ’14
Sold Out
S-F; Gold banded red violet
B; Gold
Carriwitched Innerst ’93
Sold Out
S-F; White banded purple
Cee Jay Lankow ’92
Sold Out
S-F; White banded violet
B; Violet
Country Dance E. Jones ’97
Sold Out
S-F; Buff pink flushed violet
B; Tangerine tipped lilac
Dark Waters Aitken ’92
Sold out
S-F; Deep violet
B; Violet
Dazzling Black ’08
Sold Out
S; Icy blue
F; Dark violet
B; Saffron
Delirium Smith ’01
Sold Out
S; Old gold
F; Dark violet
B; Red
Frolicsome Black ’99
Sold Out
S; Gold
F; Yellow brown band
Lemon Pop Lauer ’90
Sold Out
S-F; Lemon yellow
Little Blue Girl Lauer ’13
Sold Out
S-F; Rich violet blue
B; Violet tipped brass
Man’s Best Friend Black ’08
Sold Out
S; Blue violet
F; Red brown
B; Saffron
Aitken ’87
Sold Out
S-F; Soft yellow
B; Yellow
Morning Show Ensminger ’88
Sold Out
S-F; Ruby red
B; Red
Prince of
Niswonger ’93
Sold Out
S; Burgundy
F; White edged burgundy
B; White tipped gold
Prince of Persia Filardi ’11
Sold Out
S-F; Violet
Redondo Keppel ’00
Sold Out
S; Red violet
F; Yellow violet band
B; Brass

Ruby Slippers Keppel ’02
Sold Out
S; Burgundy red
F; Black red
B; Orange red

Santa’s Helper Lankow ’97
Sold Out
S-F; White
B; Orange red

Wrangler Stahly ’97
Sold Out
S; Violet
F; Violet, brown rim
B; Brown