Miniature Tall Bearded (MTB)

What a miniature rose is to a tea rose, Miniature Tall Bearded Iris are to the Tall Bearded Iris class. Once called Table Top Iris, MTB’s have many dainty flowers on a slender stem, 16 – 27.5 inches tall. Be sure to plant this small dainty iris close at hand so that you may inspect and enjoy each perfect miniaturized flower. This class blooms after the Standard Dwarf Bearded and into the Tall Bearded season. The flowers are small, bright and cheerful on vigorous plants. Zone 3 – 9.

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All $5.00 each unless otherwise marked.

Ah Yes Fisher ’02 Standard lavender, fall purple, beard orange.
Black Cherry Sorbet Black Cherry Sorbet $10.00 Harris ’16 Standard dark red, fall off white heavily veined red, beard gold.
Butterscotch Wine Bunnell ’05 Standard old gold, fall dark red purple, beard yellow.
Candy Basket Candy Basket $10.00 Harris ’16 Standard warm caramel, fall white heavily veined red, beard gold.
Cheerful Doll Miller ’05 Standard and fall orchid, beard orange pink.
Connect the Dots Miller ’01 Standard pale blue violet, fall off white heavily stippled blue violet, beard white dusted gold.
Crystal Ruffles Dunderman ’86 Standard and fall white, beard white to light orange.
Dividing Line Bunnell ’05 Standard light blue violet, fall bright plum with a lighter violet rim and a striking central mid line; beard white dusted gold.
Dodger Dodger Miller ’07 Standard old gold, fall off white veined red violet, beard, yellow.
Dolly And Me Dolly And Me Miller ’11 Standard lemon yellow, fall buff violet wash, beard saffron.
Easter Party $10.00


Black ’13 Orange self and beard
Fashionably Gold Fisher ’10 Standard bright yellow, fall white veined yellow, beard gold.
 Fernie Bridge  Markham ’09  Standard bright yellow, fall white with red veins and spot yellow rim, beard gold.
Hoosier Belle $8.00 Bunnell ’12 Standard pale violet, purple fall with white rim, beard white.
Hot News Hot News Markham ’09 Standard and fall warm red violet, beard yellow.
In My Veins Bunnell ’09 Standard yellow, fall white-edged yellow with purple veins, beard gold.
Little White Tiger $10.00 Witt ’13 Standard white, fall white-veined purple, beard lemon.
Madam President Thurman ’01 Standard daffodil yellow, fall soft lavender, darker veining and yellow edge; beard gold.
Marjorie L Fisher ’07 Standard and fall bright lemon yellow; beard yellow.
Purple Study Purple Study Markham ’07 Standard mid-violet, fall velvety dark violet, beard yellow.
Sailor’s Dream Fisher ’04 Standard and fall deep blue, beard yellow.
Sara’s Love Varner ’94 Standard and fall white, beard light lemon.
Say Red Say Red Craig ’08 Standard and fall smooth red violet, beard yellow.
Spanish Coins Witt ’76 Standard and fall gold yellow, beard orange.
 Sun Charm $8.00 Varner ’13  Standard and fall sunny yellow, gold beard.
Sun Spirit Sun Spirit Craig ’07 Standard and fall orange, beard bright orange.
Tracking Varner ’03 Standard pale yellow, burgundy plicata edge, fall off white, burgundy veining.