Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB)

Growing into a tight mound 8 to 16 inches tall with many blooms, this iris is considered by many to be the perfect miniature rockery iris. For the front of the border or along a walkway this early blooming iris will brighten up the garden about a month before the Tall Bearded season. Bloom season is Mid April to Early May here at Mt Pleasant Iris Farm. This plant needs a good winter chill to bloom well. Zone 3 – 8 (9?)

Another charming thing about this plant is that many cultivars have a noticeable fragrance; we have noted such with FR.

Glossary of Terms
S-Standard: The top half of the flower
F-Fall: The bottom half of the flower
B-Beard: The fuzzy appendage on the fall
Fr-Fragrant: A noted fragrance with the bloom
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Abuzz with Charm
Coleman ’13
Sold out
S: Buff
F: Grape, darker spot
B: Purple
Fr: Sweet
Baby Soft Black ’04
Sold Out
S-F: Mauve pink
B: Blue
Fr: Vanilla
Bad Boys
Miller ’11
Sold Out
S: Dark purple
F: Yellow, banded purple
B: White tipped violet
FR: Light sweet
Ballet Lesson Niswonger ’93
Sold Out
S-F: Peachy pink
B: White tipped pink
FR: Citrus
Ballistic Black ’02
Sold Out
S: Burgundy
F: Yellow, burgundy band
Fr: Grape
Beckoning Johnson ’13
Sold Out
S: Purple
F: Black red
B: Gold
Fr: Cinnamon
Bluebeard’s Ghost Black ’06
Sold Out
S-F: White
B: Blue
Circus Dragon B. Jones ’02
Sold Out
S-F: Yellow
B: Scarlet
Dark Rings
Gatty ’93
Sold Out
S-F: White, blue violet border
B: Pale blue
Fr: Light spice
Dedicated Black ’11
Sold Out
S: Lemon
F: Lemon, greenish spot
B: Saffron
Fr: Light sweet
Eye of the Tiger Black ’08
Sold Out
S: Peach
F: Peach, raspberry spot
B: Saffron
Fact Johnson ’06
Sold Out
S-F: Blue violet, white wash
B: Violet
FR: Sweet
Fido Black ’10
Sold out
S-F: Pale yellow, violet edge
B: Brass
Firestorm Smith ’94
Sold Out
S: Red brown
F: Yellow, red brown edge
B: Gold
Fr: Spice
Honeylove Craig ’04
Sold Out
S-F: Yellow, brown rim
B: White, tipped gold
Fr: Honey
Killarney Green Niswonger ’02
Sold Out
S-F: Mustard
B: Purple
Fr: Sweet floral
Lemon and Lime Filardi ’09
Sold Out
S: Light lemon
F: Gold green spot
B: Saffron
FR: light sweet
Looney Johnson ’07
Sold Out
S: Dark violet
F: Copper brown
B: Old gold
FR: Sweet
Matador’s Cape
Black ’13
Sold Out
S-F: Black cherry
B: Orange
Fr: Sweet
a SDB Portland Pink. Portland Pink Black ’15
Sold Out
S-F: Pink
B: Hot pink
Fr: Spice