Tall Bearded (TB)

Tall Bearded are the largest both in flower and plant of the bearded iris, also the last to bloom. Growing over 27.5 inches tall the large plant demands a 2 X 2 foot area in the garden. Those that we offer have great plant habits. Well placed buds (many with triple sockets) on multi branched stems. Peak bloom for us is late May to early June. Zone 3 – 9.

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All $8.00 each.

Absolute Star Schreiner ’13 Standard pale yellow, fall white, beard gold.
All Ashore Black ’13 Standard cream, fall violet, beard mustard
Anvil Of Darkness Innerst ’98 Standard and fall ebony black, beard black.
Aristocracy Keppel ’06 Standard and fall mid amethyst violet with a lighter central zone, beard white to pale yellow.
Asteroid Shower Hedgecock ’12 Standard white, fall yellow with purple dotting, beard gold
Autumn Riesling Schreiner ’06 Standard and fall orange apricot, beard tangerine.   Note:very late bloom season.
 Blackwater  Schreiner ’14  Standard dark purple, fall black, beard black
Blue Temptation Schreiner ’05 Standard and fall summer sky blue, beard gold tipped blue.
Blue Thrill Black ’10  Standard mid-blue, fall pale blue, beard dark blue. Note: strong purple based foliage
Celtic Glory Stahly ’00 Standard and fall soft mango orange, beard bright orange.
City Lights Dunn ’91 Standard and fall dark violet blue with bright white spot, beard pale yellow.
City Slicker Ernst ’89 Standard old gold yellow, fall mahogany, beard yellow.
Classic Wine Blyth ’04 Standard and fall smoky grape with a light blue cast to the falls, beard bronze. Note: full round form and ruffled.
Dance Recital Keppel ’05 Standard mid blue violet, fall lighter, beard white tipped burnt orange.
Dark Passion Schreiner ’98 Standard dark purple almost black, fall ebony black, beard black.
 Dating A Royal Schreiner ’14 Standard pink, fall violet, beard hot pink
Dusky Challenger Schreiner ’86 Standard and fall rich purple, beard deep violet-black. Note: Strong plant and stem, very fragrant.
Erotic Touch
Innerst ’98 Warm burnt brown with a small violet spot at the tip of the orange beard.
 First Interstate  Schreiner ’91  Standard bright yellow, fall white edged bright yellow, beard yellow.


For Lover’s Only Black ’08 Standard clear soft pink, fall light pink, very ruffled, beard
Frosty Moonscape Aitken ’06 Standard and fall off white, beard white.
Note: Space age “Flattie Form” with strong Rebloom!
Full Figured  Johnson ’05 Standard sky blue, fall dark velvet red purple, beard bright burnt orange.
 Glad  Schreiner ’11  Standard and fall violet-blue, beard bright tangerine.
Going Big Time
Ghio ’14 Standard pastel blue, fall purple/white zone, beard saffron.
Gold Kist Black ’93 Standard white, fall white with gold shoulders, beard gold, smaller bloom.
Got Milk Aitken ’02 Standard and fall white, beard white, big wide bloom.
Habit Black ’99 Standard light-blue, fall blue-black, beard gold. Very sharp contrast.
Happenstance Keppel ’00 Standard and fall pink, lightly laced, beard coral.
 Heaven’s Gift  Cross ’10  Standard and fall sky blue, beard blue
High Stakes Schreiner ’99 Standard and fall royal purple, beard dark purple.
Jazz Festival Schreiner ’90 Standard buff cream, fall rosy violet, beard yellow. Strong grower and stems. Note: late bloom season.
Jesse’s Song Williamson ’79 Standard and fall white edged in methyl-violet, beard lemon tipped blue-white. Note:Very early and long bloom season.
 Leading Light  Shoop ’99 Standard vibrant peach yellow, fall yellow with white spot, beard orange.
Making Time  Lauer ’13 Standard pale violet darker fall, beard gold.
Mango Entree Blyth ’97 Standard and fall smooth mango apricot, beard tangerine.
May Debut Black ’08 Standard and fall pale lemon yellow, beard egg yolk yellow. Note: A small-flowered tall bearded.
Merlot Schreiner ’99 Standard and fall very dark wine red, beard violet.
Monsoon Moon Keppel ’08 Standard smoky olive, fall lighter in color, beard yellow.
Moonlit Water Keppel ’05 Standard and fall mottled grape, beard white, soft yellow in the throat.
 Night Flame  Aitken ’92  Standard red-black, fall darker black-red, beard mustard.
Night To Remember Ernst ’97 Standard and fall dark blue-black, beard blue-purple. Note: Late bloom season.
Obsessed Blyth ’10 Standard and fall velvet red violet, beard brass.
Pirate Ahoy Blyth ’06 Standard yellow, fall red violet with bright yellow veined pattern, beard gold
Proud Tradition Schreiner ’90 Standard light blue, fall dark blue, beard blue tipped yellow.
Rare Quality Schreiner ’99 Standard white with a one inch violet
band, fall white, quarter inch sharp rim of violet, white beard.
Re La Blanche Cayeux ’05 Standard and fall icy blue, almost white, beard white and gold.
Red Lion Hager ’86 Standard and fall dark ruby red with warm undertones, beard bronze.
Rhinelander Schreiner ’06 Standard and fall medium lavender, beard yellow throat, lavender end.
Royal Majesty Keppel ’07 Standard and fall dark velvety royal purple, beard purple tipped bronze. Note: Large  ruffled blooms.
Royal Storm Tasco ’01 Standard light violet, fall dark purple, beard tangerine.
Rustic Royalty Schreiner ’00 Standard buff tan, fall maroon, beard gold. Strong plant.
Saturn Johnson ’05 Standard black cherry, fall almost black, beard burnt orange.
Sea of Love Lauer ’05 Standard and fall wisteria blue, beard blue.
Seneca Creamsicle Borglum ’02 Standard creamy orange, fall same with white center, beard red orange.
Silk Road Keppel ’08 Standard pale slate yellow, fall smooth blue violet, beard sunny gold.
Note: very late bloom season
Smoking Embers Richardson ’13 Standard and fall red, beard gold, Note: bloom stem is black, stunning combination.
Spectral Challenge Ernst ’97 Standard and fall bright lemon yellow, beard gold yellow.
Splashacata Tasco ’98 Standard light violet, fall white ground peppered violet, beard white tipped gold.

Supreme Sultan


Schreiner ’88


Standard brass gold, fall red, beard gold brown. Note: very large flowers

Temptone Grosvenor ’94 Standard and fall deep purple.
Tour De France Keppel ’04 Standard white, fall rich honey gold, beard egg yolk yellow. Note: Late season bloom.
Venita Faye Keppel ’08 Standard pastel orchid pink, fall pastel lavender, beard soft pale pink. Note: very full round flower form.
Wedding Belle Keppel ’08 Standard and fall soft pink champagne, beard shrimp pink.
Winning Debut Schreiner ’00 Standard and fall big dark purple, beard purple.
Winterfest Schreiner ’05 Standard and fall icy blue to white, beard sunny gold in the throat.
Yosemite Nights Sutton ’04 Standard rich dark purple-black, fall velvet dark purple almost black, beard dark purple dusted gold. Note: Very early bloom season.