Japanese Iris (JI)

Iris ensata

Iris ensata have been selectively bred from wild forms found in northern Asia. Their cultural needs are very demanding, if met they will reward you with a magnificent display of color approximately 2-3 weeks after Tall Bearded bloom. Peak bloom in our garden is the last two weeks of June. Culture has a great influence; please refer to the culture page.

Mt. Pleasant Iris is a National Display Garden for Japanese Iris, and Chad has a great passion for these plants. Due to the abundance of information on each cultivar, please click on the image to be taken to another page with a full description and more details. Height, number of branches, and buds, were taken when the plants were three years old, and grown to my best ability.

Amethyst Actress Sold Out Harris ’09 $10.00
Amethyst's Sister Amethyst’s Sister Sold Out Harris ’12 $15.00
Angelic Choir Angelic Choir  Sold Out Harris ’06 


Artesian Spring Artesian Spring Sold Out Harris ’10 $15.00
Asian Festival Asian Festival Sold Out Harris ’02 $10.00
Avalanche Express Avalanche Express Sold Out Harris ’00 $10.00
Banjo Blues Banjo Blues Sold Out


Bauer/Coble ’05 $10.00
Bewitching Twilight Bewitching Twilight Sold Out Harris ’00 $10.00
Blushing Snowmaiden Blushing Snowmaiden Sold Out Harris ’00 $10.00
Butterflies In Flight Butterflies In Flight Sold Out Aitken ’91 $10.00
Caprican Butterfly Caprician Butterfly   Sold Out Marx ’85 by Rodgers $10.00
Carol Johnson Carol Johnson Sold Out McEwen by Whitney ’11 $15.00
Cascade Crest Cascade Crest Sold Out Aitken ’88 $10.00
Cascade Rain Cascade Rain Sold Out Harris ’08 $10.00
Cascade Spice Cascade Spice Sold Out Reid ’89 $10.00
Celestial Emperor Celestial Emperor    Sold Out  Harris ’11 $15.00
Coho Coho Sold Out Harris ’05 $10.00
Columbia Crest Columbia Crest Sold Out Harris ’15 $30.00
Columbia Deep Water Columbia Deep Water Sold Out Harris ’13 $20.00
Dalle Whitewater Dalle Whitewater Sold Out Harris ’11 $15.00
Dancing Waves Dancing Waves Sold Out Payne ’64 $10.00
 Dirigo Devil  

Dirigo Devil Sold Out


White ’92



Dragon Tapestry Dragon Tapestry Sold Out Harris ’12 $15.00
Electric Rays  Electric Rays Sold Out  Aitken ’90  $10.00


Embossed   Sold Out


Marx ’56



Evelyn White Evelyn White Sold Out White ’08 $15.00
Flamingo Waltz Flamingo Waltz Sold Out Harris ’14 $25.00
Freckeled Peacock Freckled Peacock Sold Out Harris ’02 $10.00
Frosted Intrique Frosted Intrigue Sold Out Bauer/Coble ’97 $10.00
Geishunka Geishunka Sold Out Mitsuda Reg. by SJI ’95 $10.00
Hekiun Hekiun Sold Out Ichie ’89 $10.00
Hime Kagami Hime Kagami Sold Out Hirao ’76 $10.00
Honour Honour Sold Out McEwen ’01 $10.00

Indigo Angel Sold Out


Bauer/Coble ’11



Jaciva Jaciva Sold Out Harris ’92 $10.00
Japanese Plum Japanese Plum Sold Out Harris ’10 $10.00
Jeweled Sea Jewelled Sea Sold Out Payne ’69 $10.00
Koto Harp Strings Koto Harp Strings Sold Out Harris ’16 $30.00
Lake Effect Lake Effect Sold Out Bauer/Coble ’04 $10.00
Lion King Lion King Sold Out Bauer/Coble ’96 $10.00
Little Bow Pink Little Bow Pink Delmez ’98 $10.00
Love Goddess Love Goddess Sold Out Payne ’66 $10.00
Maine Elegance Maine Elegance    Sold Out McEwen by Whitney ’09 $15.00
My Elisabeth Sold Out McEwen by Whitney ’08 $15.00
Neptunes Trident Neptune’s Trident Sold Out Harris ’11 $15.00
Night Angel Night Angel Sold Out Aitken ’96 $10.00
Nishikiori Nishikiori Sold Out Shimizu ’97 $10.00
Ol'man River Ol’man River Sold Out McEwen ’87 $10.00
Oriental Classic Oriental Classic Sold Out McEwen ’88 $10.00
Pagoda Temple Sold Out Harris ’17 $30.00
Peacock Strut Peacock Strut Sold Out Hirao ’78 by Hager $10.00
Picotee Princess Picotee Princess Sold Out Reid ’92 $10.00

Pink Playmate    Sold Out


Harris ’18



Pleasant Earlybird Pleasant Earlybird Sold Out Harris ’96 $10.00
 Pleasant Sandman  

Pleasant Sandman


Harris ’98



 Pleasant Starburst  

Pleasant Starburst Sold Out


Harris ’98



Rose World Rose World Sold Out Reid ’89 $10.00
Satozakura Satozakura Sold Out Kamo ’93 $10.00
Shining Prince Shining Prince Sold Out Hirao ’92 $10.00
Silent Thunder Silent Thunder Sold Out Bauer/Coble ’96 $10.00
Silverband Silverband Bauer/Coble ’89 $10.00
Southern Son Southern Son Sold Out


McEwen ’90 $10.00
Stella Niagara Stella Niagara Rettig ’95 $10.00
Sugar Dome Sugar Dome Sold Out Bauer/Coble ’08 $10.00
Summer Storm Summer Storm Sold Out Marx ’55 $10.00
Sunrise Ridge Sunrise Ridge Sold Out Harris ’07 $10.00
Thoroughbred Thoroughbred Sold Out McEwen ’99 $10.00
Trance Trance Sold Out Warburton ’79 $10.00
Tuptim Tuptim Sold Out Rich ’74 $10.00
Yae Katsume Yae Katsumi      Sold Out Reg. 1995, hybridizer unknown $10.00
Yamataikoku Yamataikoku Sold Out Kamo ’79 $10.00
Yuzen Yuzen Sold Out Ichie ’94 $10.00