Siberian Iris (SIB)

Siberian irises have graceful flowers on a grass-like foliage plant. These are hybrids from species native to central Europe; they are very strong, hardy and adaptable in the perennial bed. Tetraploid (tet.) plants generally have stockier looking flowers, foliage and stems than diploids (dip.). Peak bloom for us is late May along with the Tall bearded iris. Zone 3 – 8 (9?)

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All $10.00 each.


Banish Misfortune Schafer/Sacks ’99 Bluebird blue with a large gold signal. Early with a long bloom season.

Dip. 45″


Blueberry Fair Hollingworth ’97 Bi-tone rich blue violet, very ruffled.

Tet. 32″


Careless Sally Schafer/Sacks ’96 Light orchid with turquoise styles and gold signals. Charming!

Dip. 20″


Dear Currier Dunlop ’05 Ruffled dark grey blue with violet wash, upright styles are much lighter and showy.

Tet. 30″


Fresh Notes Schafer/Sacks ’04 Fall bright blue with lighter styles and standards, crisp gold signal.

Dip. 20″


Great Falls Love Cole ’07 Standard ruffled deep violet, fall ruffled darker violet with blue undertones. Note: Large 4 inch flowers.

Tet. 32″


Joyce Cole   Cole ’06 Very ruffled creamy white with a smooth gold throat, blooms late in season.

Tet. 30″

Kiss The Girl Schafer/Sacks ’04 Standard butter yellow, fall bright daffodil yellow.

Dip. 28″





Pansy Purple McEwen ’71 A delicate looking flower of pansy purple in color. A garden favorite!

Dip. 32″


Reprise Warburton ’87 Medium blue with red-violet tones that sets a second bloom 2-3 weeks after the first if grown well.

Dip. 32″


Roaring Jelly Schafer-Sacks ’92 Red-violet with lighter standards and styles, gold signal.

Dip. 36″


Ships Are Sailing Schafer/Sacks ’98 Wide, light ruffled flowers are shades of medium blue. Tall and stately.

Dip. 35″


Somebody Loves Me Hollingworth ’98 Ruffled medium blue, large white blaze.

Tet. 32″


Summer Sky Cleveland ’35 Pale blue with white styles. Small and delicate looking. Very vigorous and floriferous.

Dip. 24″


Swans In Flight Hollingworth ’06 White self, very large flowers.

Tet. 33″


Teal Velvet Schafer/Sacks ’03 Dark velvety royal purple, stately clumps.

Tet. 32″


Three Hand Star Schafer/Sacks ’01 Standard medium blue, fall dark blue violet.

Dip. 29″



Trim The Velvet Schafer/Sacks ’95 Rich blue-purple with a white rim on the falls. Very tall and stately.

Dip. 40″


Twelfth Knight Warner ’02 Standard deep purple, fall purple with blue wash, white rim. Large flower.

Tet. 32″