About Ordering

All Iris sales closed for 2017, look for new sales to start early 2018, with many new Introductions and Listings. 2017 Web site with photos will remain up for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for a great year!   

We are an iris mail order farm for the continental United States only, using US Postal Priority Mail.

To place an order, please print our 2017 Order Form and send with check or money order.

For those that prefer a paper catalog, our 2017 Full Iris Catalog with Introductions is also available.

Every order is individually hand dug and labeled. Plants may not bloom the first year not because of their size, but because of the transplant shock. All orders are accepted subject to the availability of stock.

Shipping and handling fees for continental U.S. and Alaska only. For international orders, please contact Aitken’s Salmon Creek Garden in Vancouver, Washington.

We ship from August through September at the first of the week so that your order will be ready for you to plant on the weekend. Try not to request a date when your temperatures will be above 95 degrees Fahrenheit, but at least a month before your first frost.


All plants are freshly dug, individually labeled and healthy when shipped. The nursery is inspected by the State of Washington annually, and certified to be disease free. If there are any problems, please notify us within 10 days of receipt of shipment and we will replace any plants that you are not happy with. We can not accept responsibility for plants lost due to climate or garden conditions.

Substitution and Refunds

Supplies of plants are limited to stock. Orders are processed in the order received. Please order early and circle yes, no, or refund. Your check or money order must be sent with your order.


Plants are shipped bare root. Bearded iris are cleaned and dry cured before packing. Beardless are cleaned and wet packed in a poly bag with a water polymer. All plants are individually labeled. Along with a copy of your order, you will receive a culture and care sheet. Local will-call customers may pick up their orders at the farm to avoid shipping charges.

Bonus and Wholesale

We all like to receive “Free Plants”. However, since we do not know what irises are already in your garden, or what your garden plans are. We would like to offer you a monetary bonus with your order.

  • Orders of $300 to $599 deduct 10%.
  • Orders of $600 to $999 deduct 15%.
  • Orders of $1,000 up deduct 20%.

These deductions are to be taken prior to figuring the shipping and handling fees.