Beardless Iris


Standards – The top half of the flower.
Falls – The bottom half of the flower.

Remembering is easy, Falls fall down, Standards stand up!

For Siberian Iris

Tet – Tetraploid (generally have stockier looking flowers, foliage and stems)
Dip – Diploid (generally slimmer and more elongated)

For Japanese Iris

Fall (F): Number of petals; 3F = single, 6F = double, 9-12F = peony form
Standards (S): The 3 smaller petals of a 3F flower.
Styles: The 3 female parts of the flower. Some flowers have multiples that can be the most striking part of the flower.
Crest: The flared end of the styles. Can be very large and showy.
Veins: A color pattern when the veins are darker than the base color of the petals.
Rays: A color pattern when the veins are lighter than the base color of the petals.
Signal: The bright colored spear on all falls. Can range from saffron to bright gold.
Halo: The area around the Signal. Only some irises have a halo, it can be very note worthy.

Season in Bloom

VE – Very Early (last week of May) | E – Early | M – Mid | L – Late | VL – Very late (first week of July.)