Iris Laevigata (LAEV)

A native to Northeast Asia, Russia, and Japan. A true water iris, Iris laevigata will look its best growing in shallow water or a large pot with a deep reservoir filled with water. It can also thrive in a moist to wet setting such as a rain garden, receiving one to two inches of water a week.

Iris Laevigata will grow from 24-36 inches tall with 4-6 inch flowers. The peak bloom for us is in May along with Siberian and Tall Bearded Iris. Zone 4-9

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Blue Rivulets
Harris, 2013
White with bright blue veins

June Lake
 Harris, 2018
Summer sky-blue

Iris laevigata Royal Cartwheel


Royal Cartwheel Reid, 1981
Six falls; navy blue-violet with white signal/center line

Iris laevigata SasameyukiIris laevigata Sasameyuki

Sasameyuki Mitsuda, 1957
White, faint violet speckling

Semperflorens Perry, 1919
Bright blue-violet

Iris laevigata variegata Tubergen, 1916
Blue-violet, bright white-green striped foliage

Violet Constellation Harris, 2018
White speckled violet

Whispering Clouds Harris, 2017
Three falls; white with very faint violet markings, full round form.