Species and Species-Cross Iris

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Alabama Blue Fin Copeland, 2019
Spec-X, “Pseudata”, white blooms with a bright blue-violet halo. Blooms in June. Height: 38″ Zone 4-9


Species Iris japonica

Iris japonica Carl Peter Thunberg, 1794
Native to Asia. Many (20 plus) small 2″ pale blue-lavender blooms, opening a few at a time, on a multi-branched stalk 18 to 24 inches. Needs afternoon shade and loose humus-rich soil where it will become a ground cover. Evergreen foliage shows freeze damage at 25 F. Blooms in early spring. Can also be grown in a container and brought indoors to protect from hard freezes. Zone 8-9


Spec-X 'Roy Davidson'

‘Roy Davidson’ Hager, 1987
Spec-X, 36″-42″ tall with many 3″ gold flowers. Grow in shallow water or a moist garden setting. Zone 3? 4-9


Iris setosa 'Aaron's Blue'

Iris setosa ‘Aaron’s Blue’ Lecomte, 2018
Native to northern North America and northern Asia. Requiring moist rich composted soils slightly acidic. Full sun in maritime areas, afternoon shade elsewhere (grow as Iris ensata). 24-25 inches tall many violet blooms held with near-black spathes.  Needs a winter’s chill, Zone 3-8