A Favorite Cross

I would like to share with you my most rewarding and favorite cross over the past 38 years involving Japanese irises, Iris ensata, ‘Night Angel’ (Aitken 1996) X ‘Frosted Intrigue’ (Bauer/Coble 1997).

‘Night Angel’ the pod parent
‘Frosted Intrigue’ the pollen parent

Looking to the background of the two parents you will find many different patterns, selves, rims, sanded, blazed, veined, and rays.

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Colors, Patterns of Japanese Iris

ColorsThere are only three colors found with Japanese iris red white and blue.

Japanese iris, Iris ensata besides the varied flower forms has some of the most diverse patterns that blend colors in the iris world.  This being said when there are only three colors at this time available to Iris ensata.  White or Alba, Red-violet, and Blue-violet, however these violet colors come in a full range of pale pastels to dark almost black in tone. Continue reading Colors, Patterns of Japanese Iris