Historic Japanese Iris

For the past two years (2015-2016) Mt Pleasant Iris Farm has been very fortunate to be the recipients of many historic Iris ensata (Japanese iris) from their homeland. Most of these plants are “Historic”, never have been in the United States nor registered with the American Iris Society. I have been asked not only to register these but also when the stock increases to distribute them to the open market for prosperity.


This is the beginning of a photo journal of one of the two beds that will be posted and updated until they bloom.


This bed was planted last summer with 53 irises most no larger than the end of a thumb. Originally 6 were deemed to be lost; however, at today’s count it seems that only 2 are not coming up.


At this time half will try to bloom this year. Looking forward to the bloom and the journey!

Imported Japanese iris have doubled in size from waking up from a winters sleep.Just a few weeks later (4/15) and the iris have not only woken from their winter rest but have more than doubled in size. I can hardly wait until the bloom in about two months.Japanese Historic PlantsMay 21 with the heat setting off an early spring, the plants have doubled and are now waist high with buds starting to show.Maiden Bloom of the Historic June 12 and the maiden bloom of the plants are showing the many colors and different flower forms that can be found with the Japanese iris, Iris ensata.